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it’s like forgetting 
the words to your favorite song
you can’t believe it
you were always singing along

it was so easy
the words so sweet
you can’t remember
you need to feel that beat

i lost sight of you somewhere along a lonely road
dreamt about us dancing
spinning and laughing in a field of wheat
i’m losing you

somewhere between my reflection and my brothers smile

your laugh sounds like a joke from heaven
that i just can’t get
you smell like a burning polaroid picture
your skin was the color of god’s fingernails
your hair was his forgotten eyelash falling to his cheek
my mind won’t let me find you underneath all this selective memory 
hide and go seek
hide and go seek
hide and go
it’s like forgetting 
it’s like
you can’t remember
you try to move your feet

your skin was god’s way of burning a polaroid picture
your laugh was a violin played by an angel
it’s like forgetting 
it’s like
your hair was an angel 
an eyelash made from a violin string
a sunflower
growing from underneath god’s fingernail
it’s all just too much
the color of your perfume was
a hazy sunset
dipped in a pile of ash
painted with a sunflower and an eyelash 
found by an angel
telling a joke about god’s fingernails and memory

god needed somewhere to store all the extra prayers
so he created elephants
who never forget
who pass memories down
from mother to daughter
and yet 

it’s like forgetting

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